About the Company

The House Management Company

We provide:

-Short-term (vacation) rental management

-Long-term (residential) property management for single-family houses and apartment units

-Home watch for vacation-home owners

-House management for large homes and seniors aging in place.


Whether your house is large and requires estate management services; or

If you rent your house out to tenants; or

If you use your house as your own vacation home; or

If you use your house as a hotel and rent to vacation guests; or

If you are a senior who wants your home to be a safe and convenient place for retirement-


we have the service you need.

Nightlight Management is "The House Management Company". Whatever use you make of a house- we make it better for you.

We provide house and property related services related to:

Vacation rentals (such as reservations, guest services, guest preparations, and vacation concierge services); and

residential rentals (such as managing tenants and repair procedures, and home watch); and 

your own personal home needs (such as home watch and estate management); and

house management for seniors

We have 20 years of experience in real estate investing, property management, and real estate law. We have been managing company-owned assets for many years, and are now offering our services to third party owners.

Contact us today to discuss your property and your management needs. Telephone 646.866.4419 (local in Boca).

Let Nightlight Light Your Way!

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