Absent-Owner Home Management

Many people are not traveling by air these days (though air travel will, eventually, return). So they are not buying second homes far from their respective main residences. On the other hand, many of you already owned a home in Florida before this awful pandemic and have not been able to oversee it and keep all of its structures and mechanics intact. 
Nightlight Management can check on your home periodically and ensure that the property is intact, that there is no theft, flooding, or other problems, such as vandalism, roof, or swimming pool damage. We can pick up mail, meet contractors, flush toilets, run water, prepare a home for your arrival- and just exhibit a presence so that people know that your home is being watched and accounted for.
Read about our Concierge Services which include home management, contractor management, and senior check-in.
Contact us to discuss your home management and monitoring needs at 646.866.4419 (local in Boca) or email: nightlightreservations@gmail.com.

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