Affordable Nightly Rentals Nationwide

Do you have an affordable nightly rental available? Advertise it with us for free. We will create an ad with a description, photos, and your contact information/address.


  1. Can be in any state or country.

  2. Rental rate under US$25.00 per night (plus tax, okay) or under US$180.00 per week.

  3. Legal to use rental as a nightly rental (i.e. you have a transient license in your state or city or otherwise are complying with law).

  4. It is a single room located in a legal motel/transient apartment, or in a house; or it is a room in a rooming house/community house.

  5. You accept cash.


We will need address, exterior photo, and interior photo for your advertisement.

Email: or Call: 646.866.4419