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Nightlight Concierge Services™

-For Vacationers
-For Homeowners
-For Children of Seniors
Concierge services are available to anyone- even if you are not a Nightlight Vacations vacation home renter. Read more about all of our Concierge services below.
When you rent a vacation home, you may want services and conveniences that maximize your vacation experience. We can stock your vacation home with the food and equipment of your choice before or upon your arrival and we can make appointments and reservations for entertainment and services during your stay.
Even if your selected vacation rental does not offer our services, even if you are renting a vacation house from another company, we can provide many of these services direct to you, the vacationer. 
Children of Seniors
Living far from a parent or grandparent can be both challenging and worrying. You need someone close by to a loved-one whom you can rely on and trust to check that things are okay, that the environment is safe, and/or to manage the home by overseeing any contractors and other workers.
We can oversee your loved-ones home, handle any house-related problems, and we can visit, take photos, and do a facetime visit for you upon request (this latter service is on hold until safer times, but we can take photos and handle issues through windows.)
Learn about House Management for Seniors
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