Estate Management

Large homes require work. From repairs, to future planning, to landscaping, to boat and vehicle maintenance, a big home is a big responsibility. An estate house manager can help by monitoring the property and planning for services, evaluating structures and setting-up services, and scheduling, and overseeing outside service providers and contractors- without requiring you to retain a full-time employee.
You may find that a large home you bought years ago is becoming too much to manage and taking up too much of your time. Yet, you can't or don't want to hire a full-time house manager to take care of things to make your life easier.
As an independent contractor, we can manage your house's needs so that you can enjoy the home more peacefully and efficiently.
Also, if you work from home you may want to minimize house-related disruptions.
We can manage your estate in all respects, even while you're there, by scheduling, working with, and managing all outside services, home construction projects, paying bills, and overseeing interior conditions to keep things intact while you're present.
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