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Let Nightlight Light Your Way! 


If you own a house(s) or condominium unit(s) that you wish to enter into a full-time vacation rental program, Nightlight Vacations™ can manage your South Florida home's "vacation rental" program, including reservations, guest prep, and guest services.

We can link to your AirBNB page and we will also create a page on our website exclusively for your vacation rentals-home's photos. We will market your rental to help save on AirBNB/Homeaway fees with direct rentals.

A successful vacation property and program requires constant attention to the property and to the guests to be consistently profitable. This requires consistency and responsiveness in the reservation and communication process and while guests are on site.

We bring a New York mentality, sense of urgency, focus on detail, knowledge of real estate, and respect for service and hospitality that your property needs in order to thrive as a profitable vacation rental business.

We will handle every aspect of your daily and weekly vacation property rentals, so all you do is collect the fees- while we do all the rest. This allows your property- and us- to do the hard work for you.

For vacation rental homeowners seeking management services, please contact us to discuss your needs at nightlightreservations@gmail.com, or call us at 646.866.4419. 


Vacation Rental Management Services

Rental Listing

A professional writer will write your rental ad and we will take exterior and interior photos of your property. We will create an entire page on our website exclusively for your property, with photos and descriptions.


We will handle the reservation process, including answering guest inquiries and managing special requests.

Even if you want your vacation rental listed with a well-known vacation rental platform, we can handle the listing process on the that platform and respond to guest inquiries and needs.

We'll have contracts executed, payments tendered, and provide rules and procedures to guests- all while keeping you informed.


Guest Prep

Preparations can mean making sure your vacation property is clean and operational, and go all the way to ensuring that guests have the food and equipment that they request placed at the property as requested. 

Guest will be provided with written instructions per their requests, and rental terms and policies regarding arrival, departure, and rules during their stays with respect to noise, pets, cleaning, and safety.

Guest Services

We can coordinate and oversee necessary services during guest stays, including, cleaning and repairs.

During the coarse of a guest's vacation stay, they may have problems or questions about the property, or the local community. We can be available to answer inquiries and help where necessary so that the guest's satisfaction with their stay is maximized. 

Concierge Services
We can offer a higher level of service for your guests by preparing the home before their arrival with specially requested items and we can schedule appointments, answer questions, and make reservations.
You can charge more for your rental with our services included- or you can provide the Nightlight Concierge service as an option to your vacationers.
(Handling your own South Florida vacation rental? You can still use our services!
You may not want to use a full service vacation rental management company to maintain your vacation property, to take reservations, to prepare the property for use, and to communicate with your vacationers on your behalf. Even if you choose to do these things for yourself, you can still use "Nightlight Concierge" to provide your vacation clients with a more enjoyable, luxury, and carefree stay. We can handle the hospitality concierge for your property. This makes your vacation property more full-service and more appealing to potential vacationers. Call us to see how we can improve your vacation property with Nightlight Concierge.)

Let Nightlight Light Your Way! 

Contact us today to discuss your vacation home management needs! Telephone: 646.866.4419 or email: nightlightreservations@gmail.com 

A Note on Regulations:

Property owners renting-out properties to vacationers for less than 30 days (i.e. nightly and weekly), or who rent their homes on a monthly basis more than twice per year, or who are holding their home out to the public as rentable for 30 days or less, may need to have their homes licensed for short-term/long term transient rentals.

Please check with your legal advisor to avoid any fines when offering your house or condominium unit as a vacation rental. State and local approvals may be required, including transient rental licenses, tourist tax number, and a FL sales tax certificate.

Vacation rentals require legal sprinkler systems, and clean sheets and towels for guests. 

If you would like to have your potential vacation rental registered, we can help apply for licenses and permits with the proper state and local agencies and then take on-going steps and actions maintain and update those registrations, as required. 

Please speak to your tax advisor on how to properly collect and report sales taxes on each vacation rental. Make sure your property is insured for vacation rentals.

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