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What is "House Management for Seniors"?
When we discuss independent living and aging-in-place, we talk about seniors' health conditions and bodies. But part of aging-in-place is "the place". The "place" itself- the home- has to be taken care of, maintained, and kept operating and safe.
Seniors in Florida who bought homes- houses or apartments- when they were in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, now have to manage and maintain those homes if they want to remain living there to keep their independence as they age-in-place. This also applies to anyone, at any age, who is recovering from an injury, procedure, or illness. They need assistance keeping their residences and lives intact as they recover.
Maintaining a home- especially a house, and especially a large house- can be overwhelming and/or unsafe for a senior couple or injured or ill person.
When owning a home, there are weekly services (such as food deliveries), monthly services (such as landscaping), repair services (such as leaks and air conditioner issues), emergency services, hurricane preparations (such as food and supply shopping), and health care providers coming in and out that require oversight (such as by securing valuables).  
We can provide regular monitoring and management of seniors' homes to see what they need to keep the home and themselves safe. We report back to the senior's children or attorney, or whomever hires us for the task. We do regular reviews to see if there are any visible leaks, loose wires, or noticeably unsafe conditions, and send photographs and notes to the person in charge.
We can find the right, honest contractor or service provider to do work that gets approved by the senior's children, or attorney, or whomever is the point-person for the client. We will price compare, check references, and follow-through to see that the work that is agreed upon actually gets done.
We ensure that unscrupulous contractors do not take advantage of the elderly or the infirmed who need work done to the home.
We ensure than any regular monthly servicers show-up and do what is expected.
We can also come in to help with a particular one-time problem, such as obtaining supplies for a hurricane, or helping to find the proper and honest professional to fix a leak, at a reasonable cost.
If you have a parent or client whom you believe needs help to keep their home in good shape so that they can stay independent for as long as possible, call us to chat.
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