"Vacation Rental" License Application Services

If you're planning to buy a house or condominium unit for the purpose of vacation rentals, you should consult a local attorney to ensure that you follow the applicable licensing laws. You may need a license from the State of Florida as well as from your city. You may need to collect state and local taxes from your guests and should consult your CPA.
Nightlight Vacations can put together and complete your Florida State and city license applications to obtain authorization for you to use your property as a vacation property (known as "transient" use). We will work with you and your attorney, and any other professionals, to ensure that the application requirements are met to ensure the best chances of approval.
You should also have your attorney advise on any other zoning issue before the licensing process begins so that you know the chances of getting your property approved for short-term rentals.
Call us today if you are planning to buy a property and enter into the vacation rental and hospitality business. We can not only complete your applications, but will also help put operating policies and practices in place to ensure you meet the on-going legal standards for operating your property.
Nightlight Vacations also can offer you full management of your hospitality business, including answering guest inquires, taking reservations, preparing the property for guests, and ensuring that guests enjoy their stays. We can also handle your social media and online presence.
Contact us today to discuss your vacation home plans and licensing needs. Telephone: 646.866.4419 or email: nightlightreservations@gmail.com