Aging in place

Many seniors wish to stay at home as they age. It's called "aging in place". It has a lot of benefits.

First, it keeps seniors in familiar surroundings; a place that they connect to their children, to their friends, their neighbors, their histories. This is good for their emotional health. They feel like things are not changing- and some people crave that feeling. And they feel safe.

Second, even seniors don't want to be around other seniors all the time. Even seniors know what old and sick looks like.

Third, people, innately, want independence- to do what they choose, and to go where they choose.

Finally, the fear that diseases can be contracted in assisted living homes is now top-of-mind. With families of seniors, too.

Aging in place, eventually, requires some oversight and help. Especially if aging in place is a long-term plan. Such help can be provided directly by a senior's children or with a home care aid.

When people put a home care or aging in place strategy into place, they consider the health of the senior, and the care for his or her body and mind- but they forget to plan for the care of the "home". Taking care of a house or large apartment can be difficult even for a young person. It can be very stressful and strenuous for an older person. Doors need to be locked, garbage needs to be taken out, floors need to be swept, windows need to be opened and closed, heat and a/c need to work properly when needed, cleaning personnel need to be monitored, dangerous conditions need to be secured to prevent harm and falls, and landscaping needs to be managed.

Part of home care for those choosing to age in place requires "home" care- meaning care of the home, to make an aging in place strategy work.

Call Nightlight Management to discuss our "House Care for Seniors" service for Florida seniors who wish to age in place in a smart and safe way.

You take care of the senior- we take care of the house that takes care of the senior.

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