Hurricane Prep for Senior Citizens

A senior citizen has special needs when a hurricane is approaching.

First, their house or apartment has to be secured. Even if they live in an HOA or condo, hurricane shutters and supplies, such as flashlights, must be managed.

Second, the senior needs food and water in the house. Online deliveries come under great pressure in emergencies- as we've seen. Ordering, tracking, and ensuring delivery is vital. Alternatively, someone may have to go to the store and get supplies, food, and household items, in person. this is hard enough in a hurricane- but much harder in a hurricane and in a pandemic. And vice-versa.

Third, seniors need to have their medications ordered and delivered or picked up, in case the hurricane causes damage and closures to doctor's offices and/or drug stores.

We can handle all your loved-ones hurricane preparations. Call us early-on in the hurricane news cycle to book our services and get your loved one's house in order.

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