The Many Faces of House Management

Houses have many uses these days:

Houses are homes, where we live.

House are second homes, where we take take vacations.

House are offices, where we work.

Houses are hotels for others, where they spend their vacations.

Houses are rental properties that we rent to tenants for cash flow.

Houses are investments that we fix-up and sell.

Nightlight Vacations and Nightlight Management has a service for all of these uses of a house.

For homeowners who live in the home, we provide estate management, where we schedule, coordinate, and oversee maintenance of the house. For senior citizens, we will handle the upkeep and safety management of the home. For people working form home, we can take the burden of home management off their plate so that they can focus on work.

For homeowners who use the house as a second or vacation home for themselves, we ensure the house is safe and secure and intact when the owner is away and back at home.

For investors using their houses as vacation rentals to others, we offer our vacation rental management service, where we advertise the vacation rental, communicate with guests, take reservations and prepare the house for guests and make sure they are comfortable during their stays.

For residential rental properties, we provide full management form collecting rent, to coordinating repairs, and providing services.

If you're fixing up a home to sell (or use) we can oversee the project and make sure work gets done when and as agreed.

Nightlight is the "house management" company. Whatever the use of your house- we can manage it for you.

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